Excavation History

Items related to the history of excavations at ancient Indus Civilization sites.

Brahuis in the 1820s

Above: Gohar Basta, or Cyclopean Vestige [Baluchistan] Wood Engraving from a drawing by Charles Masson (1842)
"The ziarat on the crest of Chehel Tan is one of great veneration among the Brahui tribes, and I may be excused, perhaps, for preserving

Kalat in the 1820s

"Kalat, the capital of Balochistan, and the residence of the khan, is but a small town, seated on the eastern acclivity of a spur from the hill called Shah Mirdan.

"It is in form oblong, and surrounded by a crenated wall of mud, chiefly of moderate

Excavation Site

It was one of 388 unicorn seals found during the excavations in Mohenjo-daro led by the British archaeologist Ernest Mackay between 1927 and 1931. Mackay dated the seal to the late Period IB, or approximately 2,000 B.C

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